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Gabriel Palatchi

Gabriel Palatchi

July 20, 2017 – For the last 5 years the Gabriel Palatchi Band has toured throughout various parts of Argentina, Mexico and Canada, performing at important venues and international music festivals including the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Victoria International Jazz Festival, Quebec City International Jazz Festival, , Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, Waterloo International Jazz Festival, Victoria Tango Festival, Kaslo Jazz Festival, Starbelly Jam Music Festival, Robson Valley Music Festival, Puerto Morelos Music Festival, Caribbean Days Festival, Fiestaval Latin Festival and Central Music Festival among others. The promotional tour for “Diario de Viaje” and “Caja Musical”, has been incredibly successful, creating a buzz in each local music scene that the band visits.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

Doors @ 9pm

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